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ITFS has been honored to host and to collaborate with some truly amazing artists. Many of whom are masters in their artistic fields or up-and-comers brining a dynamic new flow. These artists are not only gifted in their fields but are also people of integrity, generosity and action. They have wowed our audiences and inspired us to grow collectively as an organization and individually as artists. Our artists have brought smiles to those downtrodden by generously sharing their art to lift spirits as well as to help fill bellies, provide shelter, help with medical bills, and raise awareness. The ITFS community of artists is a reflection of a variety of visual and performing artists all coming together through inspiration to do their part in making this planet a better place for all. Our artists are a wonderful example of "think globally, act locally" and "treat your neighbor as yourself". 

We encourage you to get to know our artists and friends better and when you find one or more that inspire you please visit their sites to learn more about them. 


ITFS Contributing Artists & Friends

Arleen Hurtado - Flamenco L.A.


Arleen Hurtado grew up in southern California. Early in life she began playing the drums and trained in ballet, jazz and tap.  As a child she discovered flamenco on a trip to Spain, which appealed to her passion for both dance and percussion.   Arleen pursued her study of flamenco in Seville and Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, New Mexico, New York and California with world-renowned artists.


For the last 18 years she has performed throughout the world including several tours in the United States at venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York, Red Rocks in Denver and the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.  Internationally she has toured and performed in United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Spain, Italy, Croatia, China and India.  Arleen has been featured in music videos, commercials, television and print.  Based in Los Angeles, she teaches weekly flamenco dance classes and continues to perform and tour.

"Arleen is one of our favorite artists. Her live performances are charged with passion and precision. When she dances she brings forth the strength and graces of her Iberian ancestors. She transports her audiences to another place and time.

Arleen’s flamenco is the embodiment of the powerful force of nature that is the feminine. She uses her body to tell the age-old stories of distant lands, of battles won and lost, of heartbreak, of triumph and of culture. Even in her subtle hand movements she brings intention and expression. Her passionate interpretation of traditional flamenco has brought me to tears on more than one occasion. While Arleen’s technical ability is superb, it’s her passion that distinguishes her art." Aurora Ferrer

Denise Luce - DLArt Photography


Denise Luce of {DL} Art Photography & Design brings her creative touch and compassionate eye to everything she does. Her work is a reflection of the depths of her soul, her strength and her unique perspective of life. 

Denise was born in Saarlouis, Germany. Growing up in Germany her parents always encouraged her creative endeavors, from drawing and painting to fantasy make-up, sculpting, and different types of mixed media projects. Denise’s family had a tremendous impact in her artistic development and in her appreciation for different art forms, mediums and disciplines. 

Denise is a multifaceted artist with a wide scope including photography, graphic design, costume design, cake art, and developing company logos and branding.  Denise’s passion for photography was born because of her love of the feminine form. She is an advocate for the beauty found in all women. She feels a commitment to helping women of all ages, shapes, colors, and sizes see their beauty by using her photography knowledge and skills. Denise shares, “I very strongly believe that everyone should have photos of themselves that they love. Too many of us, especially women, agonize too often over how bad/fat/ugly we look in photos. I could go on and on about this, but what I've found is: There is beauty in everyone and everything. Beautiful light, the right angle etc will show YOU what your family, friends see in you every day, but you have a hard time seeing. Celebrating femininity is very close to my heart, in all its shapes, sizes, styles, etc. from portraits, pin-up, boudoir to maternity sessions and more”. Denise Luce

Denise draws inspiration for her art from a variety of places like nature, fantasy and the unconventional. She is equally as inspired in a field of flowers as she is in old graveyards...maybe it's the Gemini in her or maybe she can see beauty everywhere.

Sefa Pumphrey - Sefa Drums


An award-winning Polynesian Drummer, Custom Drum Builder, Polynesian Drum Instructor, and Recording Artist based in Southern California. Born in Hollywood, CA, his passion for rhythm began at an early age and he has been creating beats, building drums, teaching drumming and performing worldwide ever since. 

Growing up, Sefa was surrounded by Polynesian music and dance. His grandmother, Estella Reid founded the Polynesian dance group "Nonosina" in 1965 that his mother Reri Nonosina Pumphrey also danced with. Naturally, he felt inclined to learn how to drum. 

Sefa began learning his skills from Tahiti-born Master Drummer, Tuko Mapuhi Tekurio in 1992. To date, Sefa has acquired nearly three decades of extensive Polynesian drumming expertise on a global scale. Throughout that time, he has not only taught drumming (since 1997), he has also served as the Lead Drummer and Composer at a multitude of Tahitian dance competitions, Polynesian festivals and events. 

To continue sharing his passion of Polynesian drumming with the world, Sefa recently recorded and released his first album "Moemoeā". Sefa now performs with a full cast of talented musicians and dancers ranging from children to adults at numerous venues in the area. He also teaches drumming classes regularly and  instructs workshops with various dance groups in and out of the country. 

Inspired by the sounds and rhythms of the Polynesian islands of Tahiti, Sefa created the album "Moemoeā" to share his love for drumming with the world. 

Sefa made most of the instruments, played everything you hear, produced, recorded, edited and mixed each track himself. 

"Moemoeā" made it all the way to the #2 spot on the world charts in iTunes in it's first week released.

Jon Luce - Jon Luce Art


Jon Luce has an unconventional spirit and it translates into his art. His art is a dichotomy. While his work is always refined and aesthetically beautiful he enjoys challenging with  shocking or unexpected subject matter. He asks us through his work to look past  convention, to push past our comfort zones and to explore the truth that only our “shadow  selves” can provide.

Jon’s perspective of himself being an artist was much the same as most of us. Growing up he always loved the arts and enjoyed being creative but never thought of himself as an artist. It took meeting his muse and soul mate as an adult to help him awaken the slumbering artist that had always been inside of him.

He was born and raised in Southern California. Jon’s family was always supportive of any artistic endeavors he had as a kid. He played several instruments. At an early age Jon was able to see art that inspired him in things that most people considered kid’s stuff. He appreciated artists like Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Frank Miller, Stephen Platt and Simon Bisley, filling his comic book bins solely for the art.

He grew up as most people do and got a job at the end of high school, moving through different careers and positions of all types. All the while he would doodle or draw funny pictures for friends and family, still not considering that he could be an artist. During this time he met his wife and soul mate Denise. Jon says, “If not for meeting someone like her and being the best I can be for her, I may have never tried to be an artist. I married my perfect bride on Halloween, our favorite holiday."

His friends also encouraged him to do tattoos. He had loved some of the evolving artists like Paul Booth and Carl Grace, so with his wife's encouragement and his friends connections, fate led him to an apprenticeship. To further develop his art, Jon took a variety of art classes at FJC. That experience shifted Jon’s paradigm. He began to see other great artists besides the well-known Picasso, DaVinci, etc. He saw a plethora of art in many forms. He not only got to appreciate the work of old masters, but was equally inspired by some of the students sitting right next to him in class...

Paolo Pizzi - Director/Film Maker/Composer


We were excited to share the film "The Blue Marble of Joys and Sorrows" in November of 2014 at our In the Flow Studios Arts Showcase and Film Debut. 

"The Blue Marble of Joys and Sorrows" is a unique and powerful independent short film directed by filmmaker, composer cinematographer, Paolo Pizzi. Paolo takes the viewer on a moving visual and audio journey from the outer-reaches of the cosmos to the the beautiful blue sphere we call Earth. His images and music are perfectly balanced communicating humanity's story without need of verbal dialog. 

Paolo uses images of the epic beauty found on our planet and then challenges us with images of the needless suffering brought about by greed, apathy and oppression. He shows us in no uncertain terms what is possible and how poorly we are measuring up to humanity's potential. The film concludes with the most important message and most powerful force in the universe...LOVE. From start to finish "The Blue Marble of Joys and Sorrows" is a feast for the senses. It speaks to our most basic of human emotions and asks us to remember that this world is full of wonders. It asks us to acknowledge the pain, suffering and injustice known by far too many and to find our strength to change the it by remembering our capacity to love. 

"The Blue Marble of Joys and Sorrows" was accepted into several film festivals and has won important awards. 

About Paolo:

Originally from Italy, Paolo Pizzi is a pianist/composer and a multimedia artist. Studied piano at the S.Cecilia Conservatory in Rome and composition at the Boston Conservatory and Academia Chigiana in Siena (Italy.) He also studied jazz composition and arranging at Berklee College in Boston. Starting at age 6, he studied photography and cinematography with his grandfather, a known professional landscape photographer/cinematographer. He has composed music for theater, ballet, television and film and performed with several "new jazz" groups in Europe, Japan and the US.

Paolo has generously offered fee viewing of his film online. Please use the link to his see his film.

"The Blue Marble of Joys and Sorrows"

Alexandra Perdew - Musician/Composer/Teacher


Alexandra Perdew has performed extensively throughout the North America and Europe as a soloist, with small ensembles, and as an orchestral harpist. She has appeared in several television shows such as General Hospital as well as performing with Hollywood scoring orchestras. She has also played with many shows including: Disney Fantasia Live, Johnny Mathis, The Celtic Woman, The Three Tenors, Oklahoma, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, The Fantastiks, and South Pacific. Her playing,"Is filled with care, artistry, and mature interpretation. She is a talented musician, well rounded in her knowledge of music, and has a healthy curiosity in areas beyond music." (Donald Chen, conductor) "Everything I heard was sensitive, artistic, and had beautiful intonation." (Richard Ferrin, violist emeritus, Chicago Symphony Orchestra). 

In addition to playing, Alexandra has also served as the Ambassador for Salvi Harps in North America for the past eleven years.  She has given numerous masterclasses and workshops in addition to performing at National Harp Conferences and National and Regional music showcases. In her role as National Sales Manager, she helped harpists from all over the world find their dream harps and learn to care for them.

Alexandra has been teaching harp around the country for seventeen years through her personal harp studio and the Salvi Showroom in Southern California. She has taught at The Philadelphia International Music Festival. She has also worked as a coach for the several television/movie sets, the Orange County Youth Symphony, Asia America Youth Symphony, and Palos Verdes Regional Symphony Orchestra. She has served as a workshop developer and a competition judge. 

A strong supporter of the American Harp Society, she currently serves as the Executive Vice President for the Board of the American Harp Society Foundation. Alexandra is also Co-Director of the distinguished Anne Adams Awards and Foundation Awards National Harp Competitions where she has been a main Director for eighteen years...

Chrissy DePauw - Singer/Songwriter


This San Diego native has been a street performing staple at the Santa Monica Promenade with her angelic voice and sincere lyrics since 2006. She has sold over 50,000 cd's hand to hand completely independently. While street performing, she made genuine and direct connections with her supporters. It was this unique dynamic that helped Chrissy's music spread like wildfire, catapulting her to the top of the indie MySpace music charts. The path that followed led to several song placements in the dance flick "Honey 2" which garnered millions of online plays, a Christmas duet with Bing Crosby featured on NBC's "Sounds of the Season" CD sold in Target stores nationwide, and sharing the stage with artists such as Colbie Caillat, Javier Colon and Andy Grammar. 

She then married the bass player of the indie rock band "The Ivy Walls" and they put her right to work lending her vocals to all of their subsequent albums. She even guest starred in their short film style music video for their single "All I Want"  featuring Chris Pine as the lead actor.  The Ivy Walls also just released a new single, a duet between Chrissy and The Ivy Walls, and just shot another short film style music video, again starring Chris Pine. 

Chrissy also has a duo project called ArtPeace, a collaboration with Grammy and Oscar nominated songwriter Taura Stinson. Together they wrote the final end credit for the major motion picture Beyond the Lights titled "Airplay" which also appeared on their debut EP "Free Music". The album features production by Berklee grad Darien Dorsey and production by/duet with the legendary Raphael Saadiq.

Chrissy is currently in the studio at work on her 2nd solo project as well as a dreamy children's album, and always writing for film and TV. 

Kip Henderson - Artist


Kip Henderson is a professional comic book artist creating both high-production fantasy comics for digital magician and internet star Zach King, and small, personal comics in which he explores his identity as a person with disability. Henderson has a multiple joint disorder called Larsen’s Syndrome, has lost hearing in his right ear, and due to a hospital accident at 22 months old wears a trach to help him breathe and is entirely g-tube fed. His personal work is driven both by his desire to satisfy others’ curiosity about his experience as a person with a disability, as well as give himself an outlet to explore parts of himself he tends to leave on the sidelines. Henderson’s lighthearted comics are intended to demystify the disability experience, and comes from a unique perspective and ability to laugh despite various hardships. Every art piece and story Henderson creates comes from an understanding of the brokenness of humanity and the utter dependence we have on a loving God.

Henderson is currently working for King Studio, and attends Biola University. He’s a Screenwriting Major with an Art Minor, and is also a student in the Torrey Honors Institute. He loves learning, drawing, reading, drawing, writing articles, drawing, as well as sculpting and drawing. He’s as handsome and witty as he is humble.

Kip is a remarkable human being. He and his art are truly inspiring. Take a few moments watch this short award winning documentary about him on KCET.



Nicholas Moyer & Nate Norell, Biola University

Young artist Kip Henderson discovers his personal identity through exceptional artistic progress in the face of numerous physical disabilities and setbacks.

Mark Bupp - Digital Productions


Mark Bupp and Digital Productions have provided for In the Flow Studios, Kadan Martial Arts, PaaMano Eskrima & Performing Arts, our Arts Open Houses and our Open Mic Nights for more than 8 years. Mark is the founder of Digital Productions and is committed to providing the most for his clients by integrating the highest level of technology and equipment with his creativity and services. He is a talented artist using the medium of photography and videography to capture those perfect moments and important events. Digital Productions was born out of his love and passion for photography and videography . 

They have the capability of using green screen for both still and video photography.  Digital Productions is a one stop shop for capture, edit and production. Toffer filming, editing, custom titles and menus, custom film effects, voice over, background music, custom scene selection, a variety of outputs and more.

They also offer two VHS/DVD conversion options. The first is their basic package which converts the VHS tapes straight to DVDs.  

To see the long list of companies, organizations and events that Digital Productions has worked with or covered visit their site. 

Josie Stocks - Painter/Animator


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Ilima Pumphrey - Island Fitness


Ilima Pumphrey is a fourth generation Polynesian dancer, performer and instructor. She is the founder of Island Fitness by Ilima and lead dancer for Nonosina. Nonosina was founded by her grandmother Estella Reid. Estella, born in Samoa, wanted to share the dances and the culture of Polynesia in the United States. Decades later the Nonosina Family have performed in many countries and are known throughout the world.

As a professional Polynesian dancer, performer, choreographer, and costume designer, Ilima brings her 20+ years of experience to everything she does. As a soloist and group performer she has received some of the most prestigious awards in the Polynesian community.

Ilima has performed and taught in Tahiti, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Canada, New Orleans, Florida, and all over California. She has been invited to perform and share her culture at the upcoming Namaste festival in Jakarta, Indonesia this October. 

Ilima has trained in Polynisian dance from before birth. Her mother Reri Pumphery is also a very well respected dancer. Her daughter Mahea is now a 5th generation dancer keeping in the family tradition. She has dedicated her life to Polynesian dance, art forms and sharing the culture as it has been passed down through generations.
 "To share my culture and spirit of aloha is my mission" Ilima Pumphrey

She is the founder of Island Fitness by Ilima. "An effective Polynesian workout" to island drum beats, intense hip shaking and lyrical ground movements make Island Fitness a unique, exciting and fun workout. 

Kadante Ferrer - Hip Hop Martial Arts


Kadante Ferrer was born directly into the martial arts way of life. He took his first steps at his family’s martial arts studio, and by the age of 18 months he had performed and broken a board for the first time. He began his formal training at 4 years old and has earned Black Belts in two systems. He has trained in multiple martial arts and movement styles including; Tae Kwon Do, Eskrima, Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Krav Maga, Judo, Jiu-jitsu, Kobudo, and Tricking.

Kadante has trained at places like XMA HQ in North Hollywood, CA. (XMAHQ.com) and the White Lotus in Northridge, CA. (Now "JAM" JoiningAllMovement.com). He has worked with professional stuntmen, stuntwomen, stunt choreographers, and was even given the opportunity to add some Hip Hop Martial Arts flare to the Netflix movie "Battle B-Boy."

 He credits much of his Hip Hop & Bboy (breakdance) education with his time spent with the "Soul Fresh Fam" crew founded and led by Ricky Cole (World of Dance/Mos Wanted Crew). Kadante has also taken extensive workshops & classes at dance studios such as The Millennium Dance Complex and Debbie Reynolds in North Hollywood, CA.

 He trained in Tahitian, Samoan and other Polynesian dance styles with Polynesian Performing Arts group "Nonosina (CA)" and has performed with them at numerous shows in Southern and Northern CA. , and at the Waikiki Shell in Honolulu Hawaii. He studied Samoan Fire-knife under Master Instructor Mel Liufau of Nonosina and competed in the 2008 World Fire-Knife Competition.

Kadante currently choreographs and teaches as a lead instructor for Hip Hop Martial Arts, In the Flow Studios, PaaMano Eskrima Performing Arts, and Kadan Martial Arts.

He has put all of his years of experience and knowledge of martial arts, tricking, dance, weaponry and Hip Hop into his style called Hip Hop Martial Arts.

He currently teaches classes in HHMA at In the Flow Studios as well as offers workshops nationally and internationally.  

Hip Hop Martial Arts intends to benefit both novice and advanced movers through its unique movement, and "UrbMonk" philosophy.

Roland H. Ferrer - Sound of Zero Music


Roland H. Ferrer is a culturally and artistically diverse person in multiple mediums. As a Hirshsprung’s disease survivor Roland’s goal is to heal people through his music.  Specializing in free flow music, Roland is known for channeling energy and emotions from his environment into his music.  Learning how to free flow aided Roland in composing several original compositions for solo harp, chamber ensemble, and orchestra.  In 2012, Roland recorded his first album “Rise” comprised of several original and free flow compositions.  

In addition, during Roland’s studies at DePauw University, he collaborated with several colleagues and music groups such as Red Tail Ring.  Outside of his collaborations with fellow musicians, Roland also has collaborated with Aurora Ferrer providing music for here Chakra Stones Meditation CD.

Roland has toured from San Francisco to San Pedro spreading cultural awareness of Filipino ancestry with his family’s Filipino Martial Arts Performing group Paamano Eskrima.  Paamano Eskrima Performing Arts’s educates the public on national treasures of the Philippines while spreading awareness of endangered animals through storytelling with dance, music, and martial arts.  From a variety of venues large and small, Roland is equally adept at performing for a wedding as he is playing for a concert hall whether it be music or martial arts. 

Having grown up in a martial arts studio Roland has extensive knowledge in multiple martial arts specializing in Filipino Martial Arts (Paamano Eskrima) and Korean Martial Arts (Taekwondo).  Roland has over 10 years of experience teaching in Martial Arts to people of all ages varying from 4 years old and on.  

In addition, Roland has taught harp at Grammy Award winning school Woodbridge high school as well as taught and currently teaches harp and piano professionally.

In Roland’s spare time he enjoys simply playing music in local parks to be in nature and feel his environment and music.  He also enjoys exploring his artistry through sculpture. In each of his pieces Roland attempts to provoke his viewers perceive what they know in a different way to hopefully open their hearts to more possibilities.  

Roland has also volunteered his music at retirement homes and non-for-profit organizations such as the Women of the Congo, and In the Flow Arts.  

Having grown up in a family of artists, from martial arts to poets, creativity has always been something of a big part of his life.  Ever since he was a child, Roland and his family have volunteered their services through fundraising for CHOC & CHLA (Children's Hospitals), Women of the Congo, and to raise awareness of endangered animals such as the Philippines eagle.  His commitment of giving back is what drives Roland to share his art with the world.

Ricky Cole - Soul Fresh Fam. - WOD


Ricky Cole is a professional dancer and choreographer and currently CEO of Soul Fresh Clothing & physical extension Soul Fresh Fam, a clothing company and Professional Dance/Mentorship.

Ricky has judged competitions all over the US and internationally for Ireland and Mexico Hip hop internationals competition.

He has also traveled the world teaching workshops and master classes sharing his passion and love for dances.

Some of his credits include (Americas Best Dance Crew season 7) Mos Wanted Crew, Dancing With the Stars (LXD), (Americas Got Talent) Sick Step, World Of Dance Host/MC, Los Angeles Clippers Fast Break Crew, Mary J Blige, NAS, Busta Rhymes, Mims, Snoop Dogg, OK Go, Nike, Reebok, and choreography in movies such as Siagon Electric, and Battle Bboys.

Ricky is excited to elevate the Dance world to the next level by inspiring others to inspire others through their own passion.

He has dedicated his life to raising people up, young and old. He is a versatile and multitalented artist, dynamic teacher, inspired performer, cutting edge choreographer and international host/MC. His dedication to the arts and to giving back is admirable. Yet even with his busy schedule and his well-deserved international notoriety he still finds time to lend a helping hand to worthy causes and to people in need. 

Ricky is an optimist and an idealist believing that through dance, music and community we can bring people together to celebrate the beauty of life. 

Take a few moments and watch a couple of his videos…you won’t be disappointed. 

Dash Najarian


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Ruben Palma - Omeyocann Arte Sano - Aztec Art & Culture


Ruben Palma, also known by his Aztec or *Nahuatl name Tepeyolotl Mallinalli, is an amazing craftsman and artisan. He is also very active in the local Aztec Community and participates in traditional holidays and celebrations. He is an avid Aztec Dancer and lives to share his cultural heritage through performances and his traditional artwork and handcrafts. A respect for all that Mother Nature represents is a cornerstone in his work.

Native/Indigenous Peoples throughout the world honor nature by not taking more than they need, replenishing what is taken and using all that she (nature) offers. Tepeyolotl Mallinalli's designs all come from this place of honoring the ancient symbols found in the natural world. 

"I enjoy making custom work with the traditional materials used in the Aztec Culture mostly leather, natural stones, feathers and bones. My work focuses on my Mexicah Heritage. I believe it is very important for me to bring back different artifacts, weapons and a variety of daily use objects used in the Prehispanic life of Central Mexico and my ancestors." Ruben 

Ruben is the proud father of four sons, two of which are US Military Veterans. Through his active participation in the dance and hand crafts of his ancestors he hopes to bring back and keep alive the Traditions of the rich Aztec Culture and at the same time pass them on to Future Generations. He wants to keep these traditions alive for his children and his children's children. “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ~ George Orwell

Ruben's focus is on quality not quantity. He spends as much time as he feels is necessary for the design and crafting of each piece. He works all of his materials by hand and uses as many traditional techniques as possible. His concern is in maintaing the authenticity of his ancestral heritage and at the same time expressing his individual artistic vision. 

Take a moment to experience some of his pieces. They are timeless and beautiful.

Joan G. Grand Music


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Isabel Beyoso - Singer/Model


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Katya Miller - Author/Sculptor


As a writer and historian, Katya’s journey began with a mystical connection to the Statue of Freedom to over 20 years of scholarship. She was asked to write articles was given a Fellowship to write the book Beloved Freedom: Secret on the US Capitol Dome. With a 30 year career as a metalsmith, the voice of the bronze statue resonated deeply. Her devotion to sharing this story comes from the heart and soul of an artisan, wordsmith and passionate citizen. 

For more information about her upcoming book and the "Lady Freedom" statue that stands above our US Capital Dome please use the link provided below.


As an artist, Katya has been the designer of cultural, historical, and spiritual amulets, jewelry, and other ritual objects since graduating from the Design Department in Metalsmithing from the University of California, Berkeley in 1970.

She has been a craftswoman and symbolist in a traditional sense as well as reinventing the profession appropriate to our times. The act of visionary creation has been the focus of her career, personal life, and community service. Her work has been described as having the affect of giving a kiss to the soul of those who wear it!

Born at Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco, California in 1947, she stayed in the area to home-birth and raise her finest creations Abraham in 1976 and Yasha in 1977. In 1995 the mountains surrounding Santa Fe, New Mexico called her to the next phase of life. Her new creations are evolving into the written word and moving pictures.

Katya has been creating our exclusive line of jewelry for over 30 years. Her jewelry is meticulously crafted and finished to exacting quality standards in California and New Mexico. With designs based on ancient and modern archetypes that appeal to the divine and feminine spirit, these fine jewelry creations are available as Pendants, Earrings and Pins in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold.

Please use button below to visit her Cultural Images Shop.

Barbara Ann Eknoian - Writer/Poet


Barbara Ann Eknoian's poetry is diverse, sincere and poignant. Barbara shares her life experiences through her writing with courage and insight. She has the ability to understand that the little things that go unnoticed are some of the most important things. They are the things that define our lives. 

Barbara Eknoian‘s work has appeared in Pearl, Chiron Review, RE)VERB, and Silver Birch Press’s Silver, Green, and Summer anthologies, and Cadence Collective on line. She has received two Pushcart Prize nominations and is a member of Donna Hilbert’s poetry workshop in Long Beach, California. Her first young adult novel Chances Are: A Jersey Girl Comes of Age, and her poetry book Why I Miss New Jersey are available at Amazon. She is currently working on a generational novel.

"Award-winning poet and author Barbara Eknoian affirms with warmth and wit how you can go home again, and shows that you can take the girl out of New Jersey, place her in the fun and sun of California, but you can’t take New Jersey out of the girl. Sit a spell, play the Platters or Nat King Cole’s “A Blossom Fell,” and read how sweetly Barbara casts her spell of eternal, heartfelt longing—her unforgettable hiraeth—for her old New Jersey hearth. She builds vignettes of long-gone family and friends—sometimes ominous—and as fragile and fleeting as snowflakes. Barbara’s tender recollections break bread with her reader as she shares her intimate word album and gently invites us to “come look at another kind of beauty,” and asks in her poem, “Holding On”: “How can you toss out a memory?” Description by Joan Jobe Smith, author, poet, and founding editor of Pearl and Bukowski Review

Danny Dichotomy - Singer/Songwriter


Danny Dichotomy has been a contributing artist to In the Flow Studios from our very first "One Love" Arts Open House and Women of the Congo Fundraiser back in 2009. He is a as generous with his talent as he is with his heart. He brings everything he has to every performance and kindly donates his art to help worthy causes. Danny is a singer, songwriter, musician. His music as his art has range and depth. 

From the begging of Danny's musical journey it was apparent that the artist had a message and he used his music to share it. Danny Dichotomy started out as just one person...Danny. He wrote everything and his friends would jump on sets from time to time. Five years later, the music and movement have grown into something greater than the sum of their parts. Danny Dichotomy and the music are now written by three people Daniel Pelaez, David Espana, and Dan Mehta. 

Initially Danny tried to make Danny Dichotomy his persona, an alter-representation of himself. He soon realized that Danny Dichotomy was a collective representation to all those that feel the pain of having to wear a suit and work 9 to 5 all the while suppressing their inner artist. He is a fictional character based on the real life struggles of artists trapped in pursuing the "American Dream". 

Their catchy music engages the conscious mind in enjoyable rhythms and sounds giving the lyrics an opportunity to be truly heard. They use music much in the way that Plato used the poetic form to share his ideas with everyday folk. The music is an ironic gimmick to remind us all that there is more to life than the accusation of goods. The music and the message are one and the same, that each person is important. Humans are unique and precious creatures. Our individual gifts and talents are too important to waist our lives running on a hamster wheel. As Danny Dichotomy puts it "You deserve more".

Danny's musical influences are pop, jazz, and blue grass. Artists: Amy Winehouse, Hank Williams, Elvis, Jason Mraz, Billie Holiday, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Feist, and Tom Waits. Take a listen to some of his songs on his SoundCloud at Danny Dichotomy "Music for the Masses".

Miranda Callahan - Photography


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Evan Eliason & "MY DOUBLE, MY BROTHER"


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Mahal Ramos - Poetry/Spoken Word


Born in Manila, Philippines, and garnering influences from the busy, neighborhood streets of New Jersey blended with the casual energy of California living, Mahal Ramos is an articulate poet and writer who delivers a refreshing rhythm and energy that gives a renaissance experience to poetry.

In 2009, she had the privilege to share two original poetry pieces at an artist's showcase in Garden Grove, CA for Women for Women International, a non-profit organization that assists women in war-torn regions to establish their own businesses and eventually, their own community. 

You can see here spoken word performance "If I Were a Beat "and "Change Your Clothes" for One Love - Women of the D.R. Congo Fundraiser using link below. 


In 2011, Mahal recorded her spoken word for a track titled, "Home," with Law on his hip-hop album, The Outbreak, hosted by DJ Dub, a mixtape, featuring artists such as, Akil Thej5mc, Menzone. Listen and get the album here.

In 2013, she reunited with In the Flow Studios- Arts, for an artist showcase in La Mirada, CA, and brought the house down with two new audience favorites, "you So - A Love Poem" and "Space, this is how I want to fall in love."

Use this link to see Mahal's last "In the Flow Studios Arts" performance 


Mahal shares her poetry in poetry circles and artist showcases. She operates a life and career coaching practice and does motivational talks with women's groups in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. 

She as an inspiration to her fellow poets as well as her audiences. Mahal is a courageous poet who's always willing to be authentic and to speak her heart. We have found ourselves in tears on more than one occasion thanks to her poems...and we are the better for it.

Māhea Mogote - Artist/Dancer/Martial Artist


Māhea Mogote is a graceful as well as powerful young artist. She has multifaceted talents and interests. As a dancer she communicates her emotions flawlessly through her movement as she shares her ancestral heritage, as a martial artist she brings grace to efficiency and demonstrates the power of the feminine beautifully, as a painter she draws from her heart with vibrancy, honesty and history. She is a renaissance artist and woman holding fast to her cultural roots and at the same time reaching out to the world and learning new things. 

She has always felt at home in nature, as a young child she could be found in a corner of the yard communing with a praying mantis or admiring a butterfly. Even now she is happy to share an outdoor lunch with the random rattlesnake. This connection with the natural world feeds her MANA and has given her a special understanding of movement and form. “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” ~ Albert Einstein

Māhea is a fifth generation Polynesian dancer. She dances with the world-renowned Polynesian dance group Nonosina. Nonosina was founded by Māhea’s great-grandmother, Estella Nonosina Reid, and they are blessed to still have her love and guidance today. She loves dancing with her family’s group and sharing her culture in places like Hawai’i, ‘Oahu, Tahiti, Mo’orea and all over California. She performed at  Merrie Monarchs big stage in Hilo Hawai’i where she was honored to be the youngest dancer of her Nonosina group.

Growing up Māhea was greatly influenced by her Polynesian side. She has completed numerous Kamehameha schools explorations camps- Ho’omaka’ika’i, Ho’olauna and Kulia Ika Pono. These camps are only offered to those of Hawaiian heritage. Her Polynesian heritage is the inspiration for most of her paintings and sketches.

Māhea is also an accomplished martial artist. She chose to learn more about her Filipino heritage through training and eventually earning her Black Belt in a Filipino Martial Arts system called PaaMano Eskrima. She boldly represented women in the art as many times she was the only girl in a class full of men. Even at a young age Mahea wanted to prove that women and girls had a rightful place in the male dominated martial arts arena. 

Reri Pumphrey - Hula/Dragon Boat


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Lamb Lambert - Poet/Author


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Lalaine V. Felipe - Crack Pies L.A.


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Abby Hill- Calamity Abby Jewelry


Abby hand-picks each element for every piece she makes, then uses wire, chain, and hand tools to piece everything together. All beading and wirework is done by hand unless otherwise noted. Abby takes pride and ownership in each piece and hope that you love her work as much as she does.

She's loved jewelry, gemstones, rocks and minerals since she was a little kid. Later in life she began also collecting faceted stones, which she loved, but soon realized that the passion wasn't quite the same. Though she loved the sparkling beauty and craftsmanship of the polished and faceted stones, she found herself drawn toward the uniqueness of the stones in their more natural state. She loves that, even in a tumbled stone, you can often see little bits of its past running throughout.

Abby hand carts all of her jewelry and all of her pieces are original designs. 

Aurora Ferrer - Poet/Author Director/Photographer


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