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About our Classes

Kadan Martial Arts - Taekwondo Comprehensive Martial Arts Blend


Kadan Martial Arts was established in 1992 by Roland and Aurora Ferrer. Kadan was originally known for its top level Taekwondo Athletes, ranking in Jr. & Sr. divisions in State, National, U.S. Team Trials and International Competitions. In time, raising their two sons at the studio, gave way to diversifying their programs.  They became inspired to help people of all ages and physical abilities enjoy the benefits of the Martial Arts. Kadan became known as a "family school" a place where children from 8 years old to adults could train and grow together. We strive to make our environment a nurturing and positive place for everyday people to face their fears, overcome their challenges and walk the road to Black Belt. 

We are committed to helping and supporting each student develop his/her unique talents. Each of us has important gifts to share with the world. At Kadan Martial Arts, we use the martial arts as a tool to help our students unlock those gifts and focus on the possibilities. We have been dedicated for over 26 years to empowering humanity one student at a time. We believe that through positive and proactive involvement in the everyday lives of others we can help create a better community and a better future for ourselves and our children.

Adult Open:

This class is a blended martial arts and self-defense program. It is a Taekwondo based art that also incorporates Hapkido, Judo, Western Boxing, Jujitsu and weaponry into one comprehensive curriculum. 

Men's Martial Flow

Roland Ferrer brings his 40 plus years of martial arts experience to his Men's Martial Flow Program. He combines Olympic Training Center drills, Muay Thai, JKD, Judo, Jujitsu, weapons, sweeps and takedowns. This is a high energy class for serious practicers from beginning to advanced skill levels. This is an exclusive program. Participants must be referred by existing students/members before they may apply for classes.

Mixed Open (Junior & Adult)

This class is a blended martial arts and self-defense program. It is a Taekwondo based art that also incorporates Hapkido, Judo, Western Boxing, Jujitsu and weaponry into one comprehensive curriculum. It is a great program for parents that want to attend the classes with their kids. 

Black Belt Program

Our Black Belt Program combines an advanced martial arts curriculum with leadership and team building. The curriculum encompasses advanced Taekwondo, Kickboxing, PaaMano Eskrima, Judo-Jiujitsu, Kobudo and street self-defence. At Black Belt we understand that growth as a martial artist is synonymous with growth as a person. Community service is an integral part of our Black Belt Program. Each Kadan Black Belt finds unique ways to help our community or to help those in need. (We will have Photo Albums with some of our Black Belt community projects up soon.)

Black Belt Alumni Classes

Offered once a month our Black Belt Alumni classes are a perfect place to learn new martial arts techniques, get a great workout and reconnect with fellow Kadan Black Belts. Attendance is by reservation only. Please email us for classes schedule and to reserve your place in upcoming classes.

PaaMano Eskrima - Filipino Martial Arts (Ages 4 - Adult)


PaaMano Eskrima is a style of Filipino Martial Arts, founded in 1992. We have programs ranging from 4 years of age to adult. Our classes are divided into 4 basic programs: Tarsiers Program (4yrs-6yrs), our Eagles Program (7yrs-10yrs), our Open/Family Program (11yrs-Adult) and our empty-hand program (Adult). 

PaaMano Eskrima literally means paa-foot, mano-hand, Eskrima-skirmish. Master Roland Ferrer is the creator and founder. The style combines multiple styles of weaponry with empty hand concepts as well as kicking applications. Elbows, knees, takedowns and disarms are an integral part of the system.  Eskrima is a flowing and rhythmic art. Its’ practice was outlawed by the Spanish conquistadores. The Filipino people had to find a way to keep their art alive to pass down to the next generation. They solved this problem by incorporating the martial art into some of their traditional dances. 

The martial art was hidden in dance and taught in secret for centuries. PaaMano Eskrima was created to honor all the evolutions and changes of the art throughout the ages. The Sayaws (dance/forms) created for this curriculum are a balance of accuracy and application with flow and artistry. They are a tribute to the fine warriors and performers that for so many centuries kept the art alive for us to enjoy today.

PME Open/FamilyProgram 11yrs - Adult

PME is a style of Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). The family class focuses on not only developing proficient FMA skills but also offers an opportunity for family members to learn together. Classes focus on developing fundamentals and incrementally progressing to refine skills and applied practical application in double stick, single stick, knife, sword, empty hand, sweeps, disarms, counters, groundwork, kicks, elbows, punches and sayaws.  

PME Philippines Eagles Program 7yrs-10yrs

The PaaMano Eskrima Eagles program that was specially developed for 7yrs to 10 yrs. Our Eagles program focuses on providing the curriculum and skills created needed foundational martial arts practices. Eagles learn basic empty hand, boxing, kicking, blocking, rolls, break-falls, single and double stick(s). Classes are based on respect of self and others while enjoying the learning process. Foam noodles are used to develop timing, footwork, strike trajectory and confidence while being a safe and low impact tool. 

PaaMano Eskrima Tarsiers 4 yrs to 6 yrs

Our PaaMano Eskrima® Program teaches Eskrima, Taekwondo, Judo, Empty Hand techniques specially developed for 4 to 6 year olds. We focus not only on providing the foundational skills necessary to become successful martial arts practitioners but also on developing balance, coordination, self-confidence and helping students meet and exceed important child-developmental milestones. Tarsier students will learn the foundations for: rolls front and back, breakfalls, footwork, offensive and defensive timing and distance, balance techniques, punches, kicks, noodle drills and basic Eskrima with single and double sticks. Our 45 minute classes disguise repetition in fun games and drills as well as teach the basic principals of respect and focus.

We have combined our 30 plus years of knowledge and experience in the martial arts and in healthy biomechanical development to create the PaaMano Eskrima Eagles and Tarsiers Programs. Through the these classes our students develop greater hand/eye coordination, balance/proprioception, body awareness, self-confidence, agility and the basic to advanced eskrima skills needed to become successful practitioners of the Filipino Martial Arts.

PaaMano Eskrima Performing Arts - Live Shows & Concept Videos


Our PaaMano Performing Arts Company is a fusion of different styles of dance, martial arts, music, acrobatics and storytelling. PME Performing Arts was created to honor the artists, heroes, legends, historical figures and natural treasures of the Philippines as well as to celebrate the Filipino influences on cultures and artistic styles worldwide. 

We have a multi-talented group of performers committed to sharing their love and pride of Filipino culture. The individual members of our performing arts company bring a variety of artistic training and background to our shows.  We try to incorporate their artistic diversity into our choreography, music and stories. Sharing the martial as well as artistic sides of Eskrima is an integral aspect of our choreography. 

We encourage our younger members to incorporate the styles of music, dance and movement that most interest them into our creative process. We strive to include their ideas and choreography into our showpieces. They are the ones that will pass down cultural pride and the ancestral stories to future generations. 

Senior members are responsible for incorporating the history, cultural stories, martial arts and biodiversity of the Philippines into our performances. They are tasked with finding stories that inspire or educate audiences. We are grateful to the parents and family of our performing arts company for they are the cornerstones of our organization. Without their belief and support in our mission this would not be possible. 

We created our performing arts program to foster creative expression, cultural history, stage presence and confidence in our members. 

Our PME and Performing Arts Company has had the honor of sharing the Filipino Martial Arts as well as Filipino national heroes, natural treasures and culture all over California. We have been performing and sharing the Filipino Martial Arts for more that 26 years. 

10 years ago we added our Performing Arts Company to help tell the stories of the heroes and legends of the Philippines. We incorporate multiple styles of dance, live music and storytelling in our performances. 

We have recently expanded our company to include younger members and now have special pieces and performance opportunities for kids 4 and older.

PME Performing Arts is also important in helping us remember and honor not only the brave Filipino warrior ancestors but also the brave Filipino artist ancestors. Without both the warriors and the artists the Filipino Martial Arts would have been erased.

The Filipino Martial Arts has a unique history. During the Spanish occupation, practicing the Filipino Martial Arts was outlawed. Master had to train in secret. For 300 years they practiced and taught under the penalty of death. Some ingenious masters worked with the arts to hide many foundational movements in dance. Thanks to the warriors and the artists Eskrima was saved for us to practice today.

We honor their legacy and sacrifice by continuing to share the arts with as many people as possible.

Hip Hop Martial Arts - Dance, Martial, Choreo, Weapons Fusion


HHMA tricking/stunts/breaking

The HHMA tricks/ stunts class is based on a foundation of martial arts, martial arts tricking, breakdancing (bboying), gymnastic, and Hip Hop movements. The goal is to learn, practice and prepare your flashy and high-level techniques for use in performances, showcases, battles, etc. After students have a foundation in a few of these styles, they will begin to create their own HHMA style as well as work with one another in partner sets/choreography 

HHMA choreo/grooves/freestyle

Choreography and grooves led by Kadante. This class provides students with an opportunity to dance and learn different grooves, as well as learn basic to intermediate level choreography. Some days may be more focused on choreographed movements, and others more focused on grooves. But the purpose of this class is for students to break a sweat while having fun dancing. This class (like all HHMA Classes) will give you a structure to build off of. This is a community style class and we come to DANCE and movements coming – by audition only - UrbMonk)

HHMA weapons 

In this class students will be introduced to different weapons and weapon styles. They will learn the basics while adding to their bag of tricks. Through safe and consistent practice students aim to perfect their weapon handling abilities so that they may be skilled and safe practitioners. The goal of this class is to be able walk away with tools to add to their arsenal as martial artists and performers. 

Classes are for students ages 10 and up of all skill levels. (Younger ages accepted upon teacher review)

Sound of Zero - Music Classes -Specialty Harp, Piano, Free Flow



Harp Series – Beginner Level 1

This 8-week series will introduce and immerse you into the world of music through
harp. Together we will establish a strong foundation of harp techniques through song
making and improvisation. This course takes a non-traditional approach towards learning music that focuses on applying basic music theory through fun interactive exercises. In addition to learning basic music theory and harp techniques, we will learn how to apply rhythm through games that involve walking, clapping, counting, and melodic recall together!

After taking this series you will be able to read sheet music and recognize basic chord progressions. The skills developed in class will introduce you to a way of reading music and chord progressions that will allow you to learn your favorite songs whether it be pop, classical, rock, video game music and more.


-Ages 10 or older (Children under the age of 10 may be eligible to participate in the group class if they have prior experience in music of at least 1 year).

-Bring your own Harp.

Where to find a harp?

-34 and 36 string Lever Harp rentals at  https://www.lyonhealy.com/pre-owned-rental-harps/rental-program/  (recommended for ages 8 and up)

-Step by step guide to renting harp-

1.Complete Application in Link.

2.Email completed application to email specified inside application. (sales@lyonhealy.com)

3.Once approved Call and make an appoint with Salvi Harps to reserve your harp.  https://www.salviharps.com/salvi-harps/contacts/ 

4.Pick up your harp at Salvi Harps on appointment day.

Upon completing your harp series course, you will receive the option to take a test utilizing all the skills learned in class. Once completed you will be eligible to take the next level of the Harp Series Courses. After completing all 4 series you will receive a Sound of Zero pin which not only signifies your completion of the series but also gives you a lifetime discount to teaching services provided by Sound of Zero.

Class Schedule/Cost

Harp Series – Beginner Level 1 (8-week course meeting once a week) - $200

· June 9th-July 28th

o Sundays @1:45pm-2:45pm

Reserve your spot at songofzero@gmail.com

Pilates and Proprioception Fusion - (Ages Teen - Adult)


In the Flow Proprio is short for 

In the Flow Proprioception. This program is about prevention and redemption. The focus is on understanding our bodies and their needs through mindful movement, proprioception exercises, self-release work, breath and understanding. 

This class is open to adults from beginner levels to advanced levels of physical fitness. It is a foundational course created to help the student develop or recapture greater physical vitality and strength through developing greater mobility, balance and breath. While the work we will do is beneficial at any stage or fitness level, one need not be in prime shape to participate in this class. 

In the Flow Proprio is not a supplement to fitness or cardio training it is the body/mind foundation that lets us participate in these other forms of exercises/movement for a lifetime.

We will...

Gently wake muscles that may have been over looked as well as relax the muscles that may have been over worked by the challenges of modern living... 

Encourage balanced body systems and better neuroplasticity through proprioceptive movement and centered mind exercises...

Increase our mana/chi/prana (eternal life force - vitality) through the ancient breathing practices of Tibet, India and Japan. 

Open the flow of our bodies to encourage vitality and longevity of movement through promoting free moving joints, increase in synovial fluid production, and lymph drainage techniques. 

Combining Pilates mat and modified chair work, proprioceptive (balance) exercises, breath work, Reiki, self massage, continuing education and mind-centered movement this class focuses on promoting longevity of movement and revitalizing the mind, spirit and body. 

In the Flow Proprio classes are perfect if you are looking to make your body stronger from a previous injury, gently ease yourself back into movement or increase your body's resilience to injury and improve biomechanics. 

Men's Martial Flow


Master Roland Ferrer has developed a unique program for men called Men's Martial Flow. He combines his 42 years of martial arts experience with the latest in exercises for longevity, proprioception and conditioning. Master Ferrer is in his 50s. While he still suffers from numerous injuries acquired throughout his 25+ years competing in the martial arts, he has retained much of his martial arts ability, flexibility and strength. 

In this program he shares what he has learned and practiced over the years and how he's been able to retain so much of his physical ability. His vitality has given him the opportunity to continue training and coaching top level martial arts competitors well into his middle age. Drawing from his own experiences and adding the newest longevity and strengthening exercises makes this a program unlike any other he has ever offered.

Master Ferrer attributes his physical longevity in the martial arts to a combination of important factors and has incorporated these six factors into his Men's Martial Flow (MMF) program. 

1. A lifelong dedication to the martial arts ("Life requires movement." Aristotle )

2. Facing ones fears ("The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." Joseph Campbell)

3. Being 100% responsible (There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. Albert Einstein)

4. Keeping an empty cup (“Empty your cup so that it may be filled; become devoid to gain totality.” Bruce Lee)

5. An attitude of gratitude ("Trade your expectations for appreciation and the world changes instantly." Tony Robbins)

6. Laugh (With the fearful strain that is on me night and day, if I did not laugh I should die. Abraham Lincoln)

Men's Martial Flow (MMF) is dedicated to helping students develop practical and applicable self-defense skills by providing invigorating workouts, challenging preconceived limitations, and special "muscle memory" training drills. There is no previous martial arts training required but students must possess a desire to train in an intense yet respectful environment and maintain a positive attitude. The classes are setup to accommodate for beginning to advanced fitness levels. The Program is open to participants 18 years and older by invitation only.

Women's Empowerment


Self-Actualization thru Women’s Empowerment is a unique women’s self-defense program that views the mind, body, emotions and spirit as equally important components to develop for personal growth and physical safety.

Aurora's ​Women’s Empowerment est. in 1992, is a women’s self-defense program that views the mind, body, emotions and spirit as equally important components in personal growth and safety. Workshops have been taught at colleges, sororities, on local cable, health care companies, women’s groups, city councils and to battered women at the Maravilla Housing Project in East L.A. and the Carmelitos Housing Project in Long Beach. Her Woman’s Empowerment program has provided a place for women of all walks of life to come and rediscover their dreams and personal power. 

What sets this program apart from most other "women's self-defense programs" is that we believe that to create lasting and applicable change we must address the whole of the person. Most programs or systems focus on teaching their students physical self-defense techniques and having the student memorize the movement. Some may even add physical conditioning and assailant attack simulations. These programs can help many women feel more independent and self-reliant in a potential assault situation. We applaud the efforts of all these organizations, but we feel that most of these programs don't focus enough time on the important roles that our daily mindset and decision making plays in our response conditioning. 

We believe that the decisions made moment to moment are mini-training-sessions for the types of decisions we will make in a crisis. Our program engages the four major components of the self with fun, inspiring and challenging exercises to help each of us to understand our unique subconscious tendencies. In understanding ourselves better we are able to find new and better ways to solve problems. 

Our program honors the innate wisdom and power born of the feminine. We strive to create space for each woman to realize that she is more powerful, courageous and wise than she had known. 

Kickboxing - Skills, Drills & Fitness


Our Kickboxing Program is much more than a great way to workout. We incorporate the basic principles of Western Boxing, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo into our high energy workout. Practitioners will develop their skills and proper use of biomechanics through interactive drills and mitt work. 

All fitness and skills levels are welcome. We have created an environment where each person is encouraged to go at their own pace. Our drills were specially developed to challenge and develop both beginners as well as advanced practitioners. 

Just bring your boxing gloves and a positive attitude and we will provide the rest. 

Tarsiers Young Children's Program


PaaMano Eskrima Tarsiers 4 yrs to 6 yrs

Our PaaMano Eskrima® Tarsiers Program teaches Eskrima, Taekwondo, Judo, and Empty Hand techniques specially developed for 4 to 6 year olds. We focus not only on providing the foundational skills necessary to become successful martial arts practitioners but also on developing balance, coordination, self-confidence and helping students meet and exceed important child-developmental milestones.

Tarsier students will learn the foundations for: rolls front and back, breakfalls, footwork, offensive and defensive timing and distance, balance techniques, punches, kicks, noodle drills and basic Eskrima with single and double sticks. Our 45 minute classes disguise repetition in fun games and drills as well as teach the basic principals of respect for self and others, teamwork and focus.

This program provides young children with a broad-based well rounded curriculum. It creates an excellent foundation for future physical activities such as sports, music, dance, as well as helps with scholastic activities such as reading, math, problem solving, initiative and fostering a desire to learn.

PME Adult Empty Hand


Information coming soon.

Private Classes & Personalized Program


Information coming soon